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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment process

In cases where an individual meets all the entry requirements the candidate may apply to be assessed through a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. RPL is a rigorous process whereby candidates must be found competent against the outcomes and competencies of the registered qualification and designation.

The IIA SA RPL process is a streamlined process which uses a combination of assessment methodologies and supporting evidence of the candidate's competence.

Upon successful registration the RPL candidate will receive all assessment information and documentation which will include a copy of the relevant Training Log Book (TLB) and applicable study material.

Entry Requirements


The first step in the process is to register as a member of the IIA SA. Membership of the IIA SA is a pre-requisite for any person wishing to apply for RPL Process. Members agree to abide by the Code of Ethics, the standards for the professional practice of internal auditing and any terms set by the IIA SA for membership and accreditation. Click here to find out more about Membership Registration.

In order to be considered for an assessment via the RPL process, candidates must meet minimum entry requirements as follows:

  • Internal Audit Technician (IAT)A relevant NQF Level 7 qualification, a minimum of 4 years of Internal Audit experience, the candidate must be working in Internal Audit and be found competent against competencies outlined in the IAT Training Log Book.
  • Professional Internal Auditor (PIA) - A relevant NQF Level 7 qualification, a minimum of 5 years of Internal Audit experience, the candidate must be working in Internal Audit and be found competent against competencies outlined in the PIA Training Log Book. Unless an applicant meets the exemption criteria below, the must either complete the IAT Professional Training Program (PTP) or achieve the IAT via the RPL process.
RPL Application and Assessment Process

Step 1 - Submission of Application form and required documents to IIA SA.
Step 2 - IIA SA will invoice the applicant.
Step 3 - Payment of invoice to be confirmed with IIA SA.
Step 4 - Application is evaluated to determine if the applicant meets the minimum entry requirements for RPL. *
Step 5 - The IIA SA will contact the applicant regarding the outcome of the application.
Step 6 - If the application is approved the applicant will be added to an assessment group and informed accordingly.
Step 7 - Assessment is conducted.
Step 8 - Candidates are informed of assessment results after moderation is completed.

In the event of a candidate being found "not yet competent" he/she will be provided with feedback. The IIA SA will also provide information regarding the sections which may be reassessed in order to achieve competency. Candidates who are found "not yet competent" should however consider going through the applicable PTP to build a stronger foundation.

The RPL assessment is conducted under strict examination conditions and protocol. Information regarding the assessment format and duration can be obtained from the Professional Development Pathways Department at the IIA SA.


NB: An administration fee of R 350.00 is applicable for candidates who are not accepted for RPL Assessment. The fee will be deducted from initial payment.


Holders of the CA (SA), full ACCA designation and the RGA will be exempt from the IAT RPL assessment and may therefore progress directly into the PIA RPL assessment process.

Holders of the CIMA, SAIPA, IAC, CISA and SAIBA designations, will enjoy this exemption subject to having a three year academic qualification and at least 5 years internal audit experience.

Assessment Confirmation

The assessment date will be confirmed once a minimum number of registrations for your selected region has been reached. An IIA SA staff member will be in contact with the candidate regarding a specific date, time and venue for the assessment.

Bookings will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis.

Click below for the Application forms:
  • Please contact Tina Wolmarans ( for RPL Assessment Forms
For more information or enquiries, please make contact with
Tina Wolmarans
011 450 1040 ext 241


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