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Occupational Qualifications

Occupational Qualifications

According to the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998 as amended in 2008, an Occupational Qualification’ means a qualification associated with a trade, occupation or profession resulting from work-based learning and consisting of knowledge unit standards, practical unit standards and work experience unit standards.

The intention of occupational qualifications within the internal audit profession

The Internal Audit Occupational Qualifications underpin the IIA South Africa professional designations. To obtain these occupational qualifications you must complete training in three areas: Knowledge (Theory), Practical (Structured simulations) and Workplace (Structured on-the-job training), - each aimed at building competence. These occupational qualifications also address local requirements such as King and South African legislation. Within the internal audit profession, occupational qualifications are the equivalent of articles, much like the chartered accountants go through.

There are currently four Internal Audit Occupational Qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework in South Africa.

Accreditation of Skills Development Providers

As the Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) for the Internal Audit Occupational Qualifications, IIA South Africa is responsible for the recommending accreditation of Skill Development Providers (SDPs) to the QCTO. It is a requirement for all SDPs who offer training for occupational qualifications to be accredited with the QCTO. Interested SDPs can apply directly to the QCTO for accreditation. In the interest of delivering high quality training, and developing high calibre graduates, the IIA South Africa urges all interested SDPs to liaise with the IIA South Africa prior to, and during the QCTO accreditation process.

QCTO Accreditation requirements and process

There are currently no accredited training providers for the Internal Audit Occupational Qualifications. Accreditation of training providers can be confirmed on the QCTO website.

Accreditation of workplace providers

Accreditation is a requirement for all workplaces who intend to offer the workplace element of the occupational qualifications. Further details can be obtained by sending an e-mail to

There are currently no accredited workplace providers for these qualifications. Accreditation of workplace providers can be confirmed with the IIA South Africa.

Accreditation of Assessment Centres

An Assessment Centre means a centre accredited by the QCTO for the purpose of conducting the External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA) for registered occupational qualifications.

An application to become an assessment centre must be submitted to IIA SA. Please familiarise yourself with the qualification for which you want to conduct assessments. Interested applicants should familiarise themselves with the following documents before applying for accreditation

There are currently no accredited assessment centres for the Internal Audit Occupational Qualifications. Accreditation of training providers can be confirmed on the QCTO website.

External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA)

Prior to being declared competent, the successful completion of the applicable EISA is required. The IIA South Africa has been delegated the role of Assessment Quality Partner (AQP). As part of this role, the IIA South Africa must develop, and conduct the EISA for the Internal Audit Occupational Qualifications in the country.


Language of EISA
All EISAs for the Internal Audit Occupational Qualifications will be conducted in English.

Assessment Concessions
Where individuals require special concessions due to medical reasons, information and evidence thereof must be communicated to

The EISA for these qualifications is not yet available. In future, all dates, pricing and assessment applications and booking can be accessed here.

Entrance Requirements for EISA
In order to be approved for assessment, all applicants must have obtained a valid statement of results for the Knowledge, practical and workplace elements of the qualifications. These statement of results can only be obtained from accredited SDPs and accredited workplace providers.

EISA Preparation
The IIA South Africa will ensure that EISA preparation material and ESIA exemplars are made available to all assessment applicants.

In future, all preparation material and exemplars can be accessed via this page.

IIA SA Approved Assessors and Moderators

The IIA South Africa will only use IIA South Africa approved subject matter experts for the marking and moderation of the EISA. These individuals will need to have undergone training and development in relation to education and training assessment and moderation practices. There are currently no approved assessors and moderators for the Internal Audit Occupational Qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you already have the necessary relevant experience, and have undergone training that has developed competence in relation to knowledge and practical areas of the qualifications, you may apply for RPL.

The RPL process will include an RPL Pre-assessment (Initial Test of Competence). This pre-assessment will assist to determine your readiness to register for the EISA. Based on the results of the Pre-assessment, you may be required to undertake development in certain areas, or you may be approved for the RPL process.

In future applications for RPL must be submitted to the IIA South Africa via this page.

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