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Service Offerings
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Service Offerings
Service offerings to ELN subscribers is grouped into 3 classes, namely Online, Events, Knowledge Sharing as reflected in the table below and discussed in detail thereafter.
To offer ELN subscribers convenient, 365-day support across the country the network resides online with restricted access. The exclusive ELN group houses the ELNs knowledge base, resource library and discussion portal.

Knowledge Base
The ELNs Knowledge Base provides CAEs with a searchable and continuously growing thought leadership platform at their fingertips. It is comprised of:

  • Guidance Papers,
  • Research Papers,
  • White Papers,
  • Governance Articles
  • Executive Publications
  • Governance Executive Reports
  • Benchmarking Reports
  • News and Legislative update alerts

Resource Library
The resource library provides CAEs with a variety of tools and templates at their disposal. Tools and templates consist of:

  • Butterworths Provincial legislature
  • Government Gazettes
  • Statutes of South Africa
  • Performance appraisals
  • Checklists
  • Charters
  • Risk Assessment templates
  • Balance Scorecards
  • Audit Planning

Discussion Portal
The Discussion Portal provides a platform for peer-to-peer discussions (instant / message), online forum discussions and focused group discussions where leaders can explore various aspects of challenges they are faced with.

  • Online dialogue on emerging issues pertaining to industry related content
  • Initiate or Join debates on hot topics
  • Gain perspective by browsing previous posts
To maintain the GIA and CIA designations, a total of 40 CPD hours is to be accrued. Attendance to events enables CAEs to accrue such hours effortlessly, whilst at the same time be provided with knowledge and insight pertaining to various pertinent topics affecting the profession.

Network Events
Breakfast sessions with presentations on relevant topics

Roundtables enables CAEs to gather in groups and discuss an issue, share opinions, strategies, tactics, creation, maintenance, outcomes assessment, or just to brainstorm.

Leadership Forum
The Leadership Forum is held annually and addresses all pertinent information regarding the profession.

  Knowledge Sharing
Based on the phenomenon that knowledge is power, the ELN provides various platforms for transfer of skills and knowledge to CAEs. Each platform enables CAEs to accrue CPD hours.

Focus Group Sessions
FGS are held throughout the year at various locations where persons in similar industries are able to network and share knowledge and experiences, which would assist CAEs

Mentoring Programme
The mentoring programme provides a platform for Progress through sharing.

Group Mentoring Workshops
GMW provides a platform for interactive facilitation, whereby a mentor presents on a specific topic and enables all attendees to break up in groups for practical knowledge sharing.