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Service Offerings
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Service Offerings
Service offerings to ELN subscribers is grouped into 3 classes, namely Online Resource Centre, Events and Surveys as reflected in the table below and discussed in detail thereafter.
  Online Resource Centre
The Online Resource Centre of the ELN consists of tools, resources, guidance information, topic discussions and news briefs to keep CAEs at the cutting edge of the internal audit profession.
  Knowledge Library

The Knowledge section is a Library of information comprised of guidance papers, research papers, white papers and various articles, which are accessible at a subscriber’s fingertips. Information is categorised into Governance, Internal Audit, Compliance, Fraud, Risk Management and Information Technology.

    The Tools section provides various tools for assisting internal audit departments. Listed below are the tools which you have access to:
a. Audit Programs
b. Management Tools
c. Monitoring and Evaluation Tools
  Lexisnexis Regulatory Suit
    LexisNexis an online legal regulatory suite, providing a complete collection of Acts, Bills, By-laws, Gazettes, Statutes and current awareness alerts on news, legislation and case law.
The ELN hosts events exclusive for ELN subscribers as reflected below:
  Internal Audit Leadership Dialogues

The Internal Audit Leadership Dialogue sessions are hosted in the first week of every month on a virtual platform and provides Internal Audit leaders with an opportunity to engage with a panel of experts and like-minded Internal Audit leaders on topical issues relevant for effective leadership.

  Audit Committee Induction Webinars

These webinars are hosted quarterly with the aim of identifying and addressing skills gaps of audit committee members, in the following areas:
a. Financial Reporting & Disclosures
b. Risk Management
c. Culture & Compliance
d. Oversight of Management & Internal Audit
e. Audit Committee Effectiveness

  Internal Audit Toastmasters Club
    The Internal Audit Toastmasters club primarily serves ELN subscribers on the Platinum package and engagements are conducted through online meetings.
  Audit Committee Effectiveness Survey
    Through Audit Committee Effectiveness surveys Chief Audit Executives and their audit committee members will be able to manage the performance of their audit committee and monitor the progression and trends of such performance.
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Upcoming Events

Public Sector Technical Update: Unpacking the practicalities of MFMA Circular 96- 23 Sep 2020

Monthly Career Webinar: Communicating with confidence in the workplace - 28 Sep 2020

Knowledge Exchange Sessions: Communicating and reporting with impact- 14 Oct 2020